Economic Development


Granger is an emerging community that has experienced significant growth in the first decade of the twenty-first century that is expected to continue into the future.  While Granger was founded on a strong basis of agricultural and mineral resources, the past century has seen the city transform into a supporting contributor to the larger metropolitan area.  

The city has a dynamic position in relationship to the environmental amenities and vibrant civic/cultural features of Central Iowa.  Demand for development presents wide-ranging opportunities for the city that shall make the Granger area a unique recreational destination.  With the support of a new economic base, the residential-based community shall continue its growth in a progressive manner.  The City of Granger Comprehensive Plan provides an inclusive vision of the city’s future.

The nonprofit Granger Economic Development Association has actively supported and encouraged creating a favorable environment for economic growth.  Opportunities for new business and retail operations are potential because of a young workforce population coming from in and around the Granger area; access to major road systems; availability of diverse recreation facilities; highly improved school facilities; dependable city infrastructure and abundant potable water resources; and caring community.

While Granger is poised to embrace growth in population and business, it also offers a small-town atmosphere that is family friendly and economically strong.  Come see and . . . Believe it!

Granger Iowa