Library Board


All resident members of the Board shall be bona fide citizens and residents of the City and nonresidents members shall be bona fide citizens and residents of the Woodward-Granger School District.

Powers and duties for the Members of the Board include:

  • To meet and elect from its members a President, a Secretary and such other officers as it deems necessary.
  • To have charge, control and supervision of the Library, its appurtenances, fixtures and rooms containing the same.
  • To employ a librarian and authorize the librarian to employ such assistants as may be necessary for the proper management and fix their compensation.
  • To remove the librarian by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.
  • To select, or authorize the librarian to select, and make purchases of books, pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, papers, maps, journals, other Library materials, furniture, fixtures, stationery and supplies for the Library within budgetary limits set by the Board.
  • To make and adopt, amend, modify or repeal rules and regulations for the Library.
  • To have exclusive control of the expenditure of all funds allocated for Library purposes by the Council, and of all moneys available by gift or otherwise for the erection of Library buildings, and of all other moneys belonging to the Library.
  • To accept gifts for the improvement of the Library.
  • To enforce the performance of conditions on gifts, donations, devises and bequests accepted by the City on behalf of the Library.
  • Keep a record of its proceedings; and to have authority to make agreements with the local County historical and genealogical associations, and are further authorized to purchase necessary receptacles and materials for the preservation and protection of such articles as are in their judgment of a historical, genealogical and educational nature.
Granger Iowa