For those people who live outside the Granger Corporate Limits, (ie: Jester Estates and the Jester Park Area) if your sanitary waste company does not accommodate recycling, there is a drop-off recycling site located at the City Maintenance Building, 301 E. Northside Drive, Polk City, IA. 50226. Phone:  515-244-0021.

Metro Waste Authority lists this location on their website. For a complete list of what items can be recycled and additional information, please visit their website.


Walters Sanitary Service will accept the following Items for Recycling:

Accepted Items

  • Paper- Corrugated Cardboard, Newspaper, Magazines, Office Paper, Junk Mail
  • Plastic- Only #1 and #2 plastic bottles and containers, Milk Jugs, Detergent Bottles, Soda Bottles
  • Metal Cans- Tin Cans, Aluminium Foil
  • Glass- Clear Bottles and Jars


Not Accepted

  • Paper- Plastic Coated Paper, Pizza Boxes, Wax Coated Cardboard, Paper Towel Rolls
  • Plastic- #3 through #7 plastic of any type, Plastic Toys, Styrofoam of any type
  • Glass- Window Glass, Light Bulbs, Any Colored Glass
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