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Mayor Tony James opened the Special City Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Granger Community Center, 2200 Walnut Street, Granger, Iowa.

Roll Call:  Present:  Backous, Bermel, Brandt, Saak, Schutt

Backous made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Action to authorize Bud’s Pub to close Main Street from State Street to the edge of Bob Gross’ building on Main Street starting at Noon on Saturday, October 3rd for a fish fry and band performance was approved by Saak, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Session to Evaluate Professional Competency – Schutt made a motion to go into closed session by a two-thirds vote of Council members present pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21.5(1) (i) to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Brandt made a motion to rise from the closed session, seconded by Schutt.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.



Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:     __________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk