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Mayor Tony James opened the Special City Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Granger City Hall, 1906 Main Street, Granger, Iowa.

Roll Call:  Present:  Backous, Bermel, Saak, Schutt              Not Present:  Bice

Backous made motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Action on Resolution 2019-23 – appointing Rob Saak as member and Andy Tyler as alternate member to the Polk County 911 Service Board was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel.  All Ayes.

Eric Cannon of Snyder & Associates was here to continue the discussion on plans for the next phase of the Landing at Oxley Creek.  The following items were discussed:  1) Assurance that the grading modifications for the development will not adversely impact the flooding conditions of Oxley Creek west of Sycamore Street since that area is prone to flooding due to the elevations of some of the walk-out lower levels of the residences; 2) A mechanism to ensure the grading in critical drainage areas conforms with the approved plan; 3) The City’s interest in the property at the southwest corner of the site whether it be a library, park, or a public safety building; 4) The viability of the development without the road crossing of Oxley Creek in the near-term and long-term; 5) Phasing of the project to allow the City to consider the establishment of an urban renewal area and to use the TIF Revenue for repayment of the debt service on the culvert construction.  The City’s financial consultant has estimated about 25 to 30 houses will need to be captured in the TIF increment in order to generate sufficient revenue on the culvert project; 6) Projected build out for the project as it is critical to the City as it factors into when the City will need to construct additional elevated storage on its water system; 7) Lot sizes and the location and mixture of lot sizes; 8) Information whether the size of the pond proposed in the concept plan is driven by the need for stormwater management or if the pond size is primarily driven by the need for fill material to raise the elevation of the property for a viable development.

Backous left meeting at 7:40 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:     __________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk