October 2019 Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting (1)

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019
General Agenda Items:
Call to Order: Carla D. Called to order at 7:34 PM
Roll Call: Present – Carla Drennen, Ryan Castro, Jennifer Kopp, Jeri Wendzel (Arrived at 7:39)
Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director),
Approval of the Agenda – Ryan Motions, Jenn 2nds
Approval of September 10th, 2019 Minutes: Jenn Motions, Ryan 2nds
Public Forum- None
Board Discussion Items
1. Carla Drennan’s Resignation: She is going to be moving to Altoona. She will be
finishing out the month.
2. Director Report:
I. City Website: The updated website is coming this week. It is more appealing to look
at. It should be going live this weekend. This is just in time for registration opening up Monday.
II. Youth Soccer Update: If we were to start up our own soccer association we would
need to have our own league already started and going for at least 5 years. We are looking
into seeing if we can join with Madrid’s league. May also be pushing Grimes. But, we have
talked about having our own Granger soccer league. For fall soccer, we could at least put it
out there and give the option. We are at least a year out before we would be able to start this
league as we are figuring out the logistics.
III. Adult Programming: Craft night – 12 registered. There are 9 registered for Freezer
Meal Class
IV. Youth Volleyball: Suggestions from parents to make the clinic 1-2 weeks longer in
the future. Other than that it went well.
V. Program Guide: Everyone should have received it in the mail. It will be put in Friday
Folders this week.
VI. Cornholes: These cornhole boards should be installed at the end of this week.
VII. Terri/Cathy Cox donation: We have talked about this at previous meetings. We
could use it towards a bench or a new picnic table. They are wanting to donate $495 to us.
We had talked about Terri and Cathy Cox contacting the bench or picnic table company and
then donating it to us that way. The picnic tables that are over by the concession sand are
about $300. We could use it to replace the picnic table at the city park which is worn down.
We will share with them our need for the picnic table and provide them with the price point.
Carla motions. Jeri seconds.
VIII. Youth Spanish: The class is going well. There are ten 1st-4th graders signed up.
IX. Winter Registration: It opens on Monday.
X. Flooring: We made the decision on the layout of the event room flooring. We will
continue the hardwood flooring into the regular floor. We would keep the carpet on the stage
for sound purposes. Ryan motions, Jeri seconds.
XI. Assumption Church Fundraiser: We would be donating a free Community Center
rental. Jeri motions, Ryan seconds. All ayes.
3. CCRA/Parks: The 2019/2020 Parks budget is 15.51% spent and the Community Center is
12.65% spent.
4. Grants Update: We received the Start Smart ESPN Grant. We get one Start Smart Sports
Development kit.
5. City Council Update Subjects: Jen will bringing the donation of rental and Carla’s
resignation to the City Council.
Board Action:
We voted to approve:
1. Terri/Cathy Cox donation
2. Flooring Layout
3. Assumption Church Donation
Old Business: None
V.New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at 7:30 PM
VI Adjournment: All Ayes to Adjourn
Jeri motions, Ryan 2nds, meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM
Submitted by Jennifer Kopp, Secretary