Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting November 6

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

  1. General Agenda Items:

Call to Order: Jenn Kopp called to order at 7:38 p.m.

Roll Call: Present – Jennifer Kopp, Ryan Castro, Erik Smith

Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad F., Chris C., and Angela Parks

Approval of the Agenda  Erik Motions, Ryan 2nds

Approval of October Minutes: Erik motions, Ryan 2nds

Public Forum- None (Jeri W. joined at 7:40)


  1. Board Discussion Items
  2.   Director Report:
  3. Introduction from interested board members: 
  4. Partners of the Park:
  • Their next event is supposed to be June 20th
  • Jenn motions to approve, Ryan seconds

III. Partners of the Park Donation: 

  • Ideas for funding from Partners of the Park:
    • We could fund all of the jerseys for sports in order to lower the cost of enrollment. We could buy some that would be turned in at the end of the year.
    • We have discussed whether or not we should limit giving the grant only toward sports t-shirts.
    • Posts at the park along the road could be replaced.
    • Concrete beer pong table
    • We could upgrade or purchase new equipment
  1. 3rd Grade Flag Football
  • There were four responses and all of them were positive.
  • The only concern is the number of kids and the grouping of kids. We discussed whether or not we group them by age or grade. We may combine 3rd-graders with 2nd and 1st-graders.
  1. Princess Mermaid Party 
  • Canceled because only 1 registered.
  1. Youth Spanish 
  • There were not enough kids signed up to separate them by their ages. Instead, we combined the age groups together. Altogether, 7 registered.

     VII. 2020-2021 Budget- 

  • Things we could use are:
    • Laptop, part-time evening/weekend staff, additional tables/chairs, post replacements for the park – parking lot.
    • Fix up the ‘map board’ at Centennial Park.

     VIII. Youth Soccer Update 

  • Ryan said they are meeting next week to figure out the logistics of combining with Grimes. They have already reached out to a lady in Grimes to talk about combining with them. They were excited about it.



  1. CCRA/Parks: Currently, out of our 2019/2020 fiscal budget, Parks is 21.06% spent, and the Community Center is 18.62% spent.
  2. Grants Update: 



III. Board Action:

  • Jenn motioned to approve the Partners of the Park’s next event on June 20th, 2020. Ryan seconded.
  • Vote for new board members. 1 vote for Chris and 3 for Angela. Angela will be our new board member upon approval of the city council.


  1. Old Business: None.


  1. New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 7:30 pm.


VI Adjournment: All Ayes to Adjourn

Jenn motions, Ryan seconds, meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.


Submitted by Jennifer Kopp, Secretary