May 6 2020 Parks and Rec Meeting Minutes

Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting, Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
General Agenda Items:
Callto Order: Jeri Wendzel called to order at 7:32 pm
Roll Call: Present – Jeri Wendzel, Jennifer Kopp, Ryan Castro, Erik Smith, Angela Parks
Members of Public – Jennifer Harned (Parks and Rec Director), Brad Feick
Approval ofthe Agenda – Jennifer Motions, Erik 2nds. All ayes.
Approval of MarchMinutes: Ryan motions, Erik 2nds. All ayes
Public Forum- Randy Chiri
● He asked about the park reopening and where we are at in that process.
● It may be a lost year for sports due to fear and various health concerns.
● Randy may send a survey out to see how families would feel if we were to open up
within the next month. Such as, what would they be comfortable doing? What
would they not be comfortable doing? Would you rather play? Or, would you rather
a refund?
Board Discussion Items:
Director Report:
I. Community Center Cleaning Procedure Questions
● How often should the community center be cleaned?
● Access to PPE?
● Should we add safety glasses to cleaning procedures?
● What touchpoints need to be addressed? How often?
○ Door Handles, Pop Machine Buttons, Sink Handles, Phone, Countertops,
● What cleaning materials will we need?
● Disinfect every table and chair after each usage?
○ How do we know if they used them or not?
● What kind of signage should we have at the Community Center?
● Should we require temperature checks on staff and participants for all city
● Should we require Face Masks for all staff? Participants? Rentals? Will we provide
if they don’t have them?
● Should we require private events to use temperature checks?
● Signage at Front Door of Capacity per CDC Guidelines
○ Are CDC Guidelines for Capacity according to building size or room/space
size? 1-10 people in a building or 1-10 people in a room/space?
● Plexiglass Barriers?
● How to inform people about social distancing when they’re in building?
● Signs on the floor for social distancing?
● Screening Process – How to let patrons and staff into the building
○ Wash Hands
○ Temperature Check
○ Inquire about any symptoms
○ What happens if someone becomes positive after they attended
○ Face Mask
II. Items that could be purchased to benefit cleaning procedures
● Hands-Free Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer – 1 in the entryway, 1 in the event
room, 1 in the dining room, 1 in the meeting room
● Floor Machine – 1 for community center building
● Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispenser – 2 in both bathrooms, 1 in kitchen 1 in the
meeting room
● Foot Door Openers – 1 in each bathroom
● Disinfectant Cleaner – for Bathroom, Countertops, doorknobs, light switches, pop
machine buttons.
● Seat Covers – in each stall
● Gym Wipes Dispenser – 1 in Main Event Room and 1 in Dining Room
● Electrostatic Sprayer – 1 to purchase and use with Library and City Hall
○ You would put disinfectant in the tank. There is a hose that attaches to the
tank and gives a charge to the disinfectant. This allows it to wrap around the
surface of the items you are spraying
● When the time comes, as a board we will work to answer these questions to the
best of our abilities.
○ Some things, however, we will want to prepare for in advance such as
● The two things she would like to take to City Council for approval are the Floor
Machine (iMOP) and the Electrostatic Sprayer (Victory).
○ The floor machine would be open to use for the public.
○ Erik is going to try to get an estimate on what the cost would be for us
❖ Jenn motions to have Jen bring Floor Machine and Electrostatic Sprayer to City
Council, Ryan Seconds. All ayes except Erik abstained.
III. Centennial Park/CCRA Cleaning Procedure Questions
○ How often should we disinfect the playground equipment?
■ How long will it take to disinfect each time?
○ Limit how many kids can be on the playground? How will staff maintain this?
○ Disinfecting the tables in the shelter house?
○ How often do we disinfect the bathrooms at the park?
○ Do we remove the hand dryers?
○ Foot Door Openers for the bathrooms?
○ Seat covers?
○ Is Hand-Sanitizer also available at the bathrooms?
○ What kind of signage should we have at the park and the bathrooms?
IV. Week of Thank you – Coloring Sheets being posted all week to say thank you to our
front line workers. They have been posted to our Parks and Rec page.
V. The Business Experience with WGHS– Keith Braunschweig is working with the Parks
and Recreation Department to help develop a Park Naming Policy and a Shelter House
Rental Agreement. They are also working on a survey for Teen Programming.
● The survey will be sent out to teens from 6th-12th grade. This will get a feel for
what they would like if we were to offer programming.
VI. Playground Plan– Funding for the playground equipment and surfacing at Centennial
Park is available now. The budgeted amounts are as follow:
■ $12,371 for surfacing Centennial with rubber mulch (using
Emergency funds for 2020) supplies.
■ She will send out more information on estimates when she gets them.
VII. Scratch Cupcakes Food Truck- Jen sent them a variety of dates and they have agreed
to come July 8th. However, this was before COVID so we need to see if and how we are
able to have them. The food truck may not be available in July but we should prepare.
● For Granger Days, the food trucks have to pay a permit. So, we need to look into
what they would need to come here for us.
CCRA/Parks: Currently, out of our 2019/2020 fiscal budget, Parks is 43% spent, and the
Community Center is 50% spent.
Grants Update:
1. Build with Bags Grant- Show that you are trying to help with recycling bags that we
do in the Community Center. We are also supposed to show partnership with a
business that also recycles. Jen sent a letter to the guy who manages the Fareway
in Grimes. She is still waiting to hear back. It is due May 30th.
a. They will give $2000 and they will give you more points if you show
b. We are replacing 6 or 7 trash cans in Centennial
City Council
1. Purchase Floor Machine
2. Purchase Electrostatic Sprayer
3. Check if Scratch Cupcakes can put their food truck somewhere in the city.
Board Action:
1. Jennifer motions to have Jen bring Floor Machine and Electrostatic Sprayer
to City Council, Ryan Seconds. All ayes except Erik abstained.
2. Erik motions for Jen to apply for the Build with Bags Grant, Jennifer
Seconds. All ayes.
Old Business: None
New Business: Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020, @ 7:30 PM
Adjournment: Jeri motions, Ryan seconds. All Ayes to Adjourn. meeting adjourned at 8:37