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- Volunteer Policy & Application -

Granger Public Library Volunteer Policy Manual

Statement of Purpose

The Granger Public Library shall use the services of volunteers to supplement the efforts of the paid library staff in providing quality public service. Through its volunteer services program, the library seeks to develop a group of citizens who can assist the library in interpreting its needs to the community. Volunteers also keep the library in touch with the community it serves. Volunteer workers do not substitute for paid staff but assist with programs or projects that supplement or complement staff duties.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer shall be considered as any individual, 12 years of age or older, who contributes time, energy and talents directly or on behalf of the Granger Public Library and is not paid by library funds. Exceptions to the age requirement of 12 years may be made by the Director on an individual basis. All volunteers must be accepted by the Director prior to performance of assigned tasks. (See “How to become a volunteer”.)

How to Become a Volunteer

  • All volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form and are required to speak to the Director prior to volunteering.
  • Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the library at any given time.
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must have the application signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to beginning their volunteer service.
  • Since volunteer experience is to be mutually beneficial for both the library and the individual, volunteers must have and maintain a library account free from overdue materials.


Volunteers at the Granger Public Library are considered to be under staff supervision. Supervision will be provided by all library staff on duty. All staff will be responsible for training and direct oversight of a volunteer’s performance.

Job Orientation and Training

  • The volunteer will first be taken on a tour of the building.
  • The volunteer will be introduced to library staff.
  • The volunteer will be given a review of library and volunteer policies.
  • The volunteer will be given a list (written or verbal) of job duties and expectations.
  • The volunteer will need to confirm work dates, times, and anticipated duration of job duties.
  • The volunteer will receive training on any new skills needed to perform assigned tasks.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tasks that may be performed by volunteers are listed below; however, not all opportunities are available at all times. Other tasks may be assigned at the discretion of the library staff in accordance with the volunteer’s specific talents or qualifications.

  • Shelve books and other materials
  • Dust books and straighten shelves
  • Help with programs and special projects
  • Process new materials
  • Clerical tasks
  • Light cleaning
  • Story time craft preparation

Guidelines for volunteers

  • Volunteers work hours at the library when needed.
  • The number of volunteers accepted is based on the amount of work available.
  • Volunteers should notify a library staff member as soon as possible if they know they will be late or absent.
  • Volunteers are ambassadors for the library and need to present a positive image to the public. It is expected that each volunteer’s dress and grooming will be appropriate for a business environment and in keeping with his or her work assignment. If a volunteer is dressed in an inappropriate manner, they may be asked to leave.
  • Volunteers should maintain a professional, friendly demeanor at all times and are asked to direct all questions to a staff member.
  • Volunteers are responsible for updating personal data, such as change of address or telephone number, etc.
  • Volunteers will be familiar with and agree to abide by the library’s confidentiality of library records policy, as well as other library rules and policies.
  • Volunteers agree that the library may make changes at any time in the nature of their volunteer duties.
  • Library equipment, such as computers and printers, are for library use only and may not be used for personal business.
  • Volunteers should notify the director of any job duty that causes physical discomfort or could lead to personal injury. All injuries, whether minor or serious, must be reported directly to the Director immediately.
  • Volunteers who are interested in paid employment with the library should submit a resume to the Director and will compete with all other applicants responding to notices for available positions.
  • Volunteers who fail to meet the requirements of the job descriptions, violate library policies, or violate city, local, state, or federal law while working at the library are subject to dismissal.
  • Volunteers should notify the Director of their decision to end the volunteer commitment and the effective date.
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace is strictly prohibited, as well as reporting for duty under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • All volunteers, employees, supervisors, and members of management, both male and female, are strictly prohibited from sexually harassing or making improper advances towards other volunteers, guests, employees, supervisors, or members of management. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome or unsolicited verbal, physical, or sexual conduct that is made a term of condition or employment, is used as the basis of employment or advancement decision, or has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with work or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Any sexual harassment needs to be reported immediately to the Director or to the Board.
  • The Director may meet with the volunteer regularly to review job performance. Evaluations may be formal or informal and may be written or verbal.

Dismissal of Library Volunteers

Volunteers may be terminated for failure to perform assigned job duties, failure to meet minimum guidelines and standards of performance, or for violations of library rules. The library staff reserves the right to dismiss a volunteer at any time.

(reviewed/approved 04/15)

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