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- Personnel Policy -


  1. Library staff will be selected through an interview process. The Director position will be interviewed and selected by a committee consisting of no less than two board members. The Director position must be approved by the City Council.
  2. Staff members will be interviewed and selected by the Director or the Director and a Board member.
  3. The Granger Public Library is an equal opportunity employer. This means that we will extend equal opportunities for promotion as they occur.


  1. Library personnel will have an annual performance review. Salary increases and professional development will be discussed at this time. The Board will choose a subcommittee consisting of two members to meet with and evaluate the Director. The review will then be presented to the Board at the next regular meeting. The Director will develop and execute the annual performance reviews of all other library personnel. The Director will report his/her review to the Board. Any and all salary increases must be approved by the Board.
  2. Grievances from the Director or staff are to be submitted in writing to the Board prior to the next Board meeting.


  1. The Director will be a certified Librarian or pursuing certification.
  2. Library personnel will be expected to attend appropriate workshops to update skills.
  3. Expenses for all approved educational opportunities will be reimbursed.


  1. Library staff will be given paid holidays. When regular library hours fall on the following holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, all full-time library staff who would normally work those days will receive a paid holiday.
  2. Travel expenses will be recorded on an authorized travel expense form and approved for reimbursement at the monthly Board meeting.


  1. The Director is expected to give a report of library activities, including the use of library funds, to the Board at the monthly meeting. The Director also will report circulation and library use to the City Council at the monthly Council meeting.
  2. If a staff member is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a specific day due to illness, training opportunity or family emergency, it is the Director’s responsibility to contact and appropriate a substitute list.


  1. The Director shall be responsible to the Board in matters concerning the library, attend monthly Board meetings and present reports as requested.
  2. The Director shall maintain financial records and present reports to the Board and to the City Council.
  3. The Director shall be in regular communication with staff and/or volunteers for training and will be responsible for the annual performance reports of staff and volunteers.
  4. The Director will have the responsibility for the library collection, including the selection, ordering, processing, weeding, and inventory of the collection according to the collection policy.
  5. The Director will recommend changes or additions to the library policies as needed and will assist the Board with regular library planning.


  1. Beginning salaries and subsequent raises will be determined by the Board.


  1. If a library employee is called for jury duty, the library will release them with no loss of wages. If fees and expenses paid to jurors do not equal or exceed wages paid by the library, these fees can be turned into the Board and the employee will be paid their wages as usual.


  1. An employee of the Granger Public Library may be dismissed for any action or behavior that causes the library’s image or operation to be diminished. A termination would be a final step following a substandard performance appraisal, verbal and/or written warnings, suspension, and/or extended probation. It is important that complete and clear records be maintained of all disciplinary processes for the protection of the employees and the library.
  2. While notice of intent to terminate can be expected, the library has the right to dismiss an employee without notice in cases involving theft, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, or significant misconduct.


  1. A library employee wishing to resign or retire from employment must notify the Director or the Board. The library requests a minimum of two weeks. For the Director, a notice of at least one (1) month is preferred.

(Revised/Approved by the Granger Public Library Board 04/15)