The Granger Public Library was started in the 1920s by the Kozy Club which is now known as the Granger Women’s Club. The library was originally housed in the town hall, stocked through book donations, operated by Kozy Club members, and supported through bake sales!

In 1942, at the request of the Club, the town council voted to take over the library. The mayor appointed a library board of four members.

The library was originally located in an unused room in the Granger Public School. It was open three afternoons each week, and was available for the use of the school and the public. The first appointed Librarian, Catherine Knox, was paid a salary of twenty-five cents an hour!  On July 24, 1967, the library was moved to the Masonic Building because the school was in need of the space. When the city built the new city hall in 1982, room was provided for the Granger Public Library.  On July 10, 1982, the library moved from the Masonic Building into city hall.

In 2007, the library moved to a location at 2216 Broadway St.  Throughout the library’s history, the Kozy Club, now the Granger Women’s Club, has continued to make donations to help the library.  The library is also supported through the Friends of the Granger Public Library, donations from the public, and appropriations from the city council.

In July 2022, the library moved to a new location at 2200 Walnut St.

Interested in more history?  Check out the Iowa Historical Society.

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