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Library Operations

Circulation Services

  1. All patrons must obtain a library card to borrow library materials. Children up to 14 years of age must obtain the signature of a parent or guardian before obtaining a library card. Each borrower may draw no more than ten (10) items at a time, unless he/she had the approval of library staff. Any book may be kept two (2) weeks from the date of issue and may be renewed for the same period at the discretion of library staff. Audio-visual materials may be kept two (2) weeks from the date of issue and a limit of two (2) per person or the discretion of library staff. Time-sensitive materials such as magazines and new DVDs may be checked out for a time period at the discretion of library staff.
  2. A free-will donation will be asked of the borrower with overdue library materials. A borrower who has overdue library materials shall not be permitted to check out additional books until overdue materials are returned. The Director shall levy fines for materials damaged beyond reasonable wear or lost, based on material replacement value.
  3. Library information in any form about library users and their use of the library is private in nature and is protected to preserve their intellectual freedom. The library shall not disclose such information to anyone except in one or more of the following cases: when necessary for the operation of the library, with written consent of the patron, or if required by law.
  4. Public computers are available for patron use. Printing is available from any of the public computers at the cost posted by the library. Wireless Internet access is available to patrons who have their own mobile devices. Wireless printing is not available at this time.


Interlibrary Loan

1. The Granger Public Library participates in interlibrary loan services. All interlibrary loaned material is due the date indicated by the lending library.

Services and Programs

  1. The Granger Public Library offers programs, including but not limited to: children’s library programs and adult book discussion groups. Other services available: adult audio and/or large print books through the Dallas County Libraries rotating collection program.
  2. Library hours cover mornings, afternoons, evening, and weekend hours to provide patrons with services.
  3. The library will be closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  4. The library may be closed or delayed in opening because of severe weather. When the Director judges the weather conditions to threaten the safety of the staff or public, the library will not open. The decision to close the library early will be made by the Director.


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