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Adventure Pass

Patrons may borrow free passes to area attractions by using a valid adult library card and a valid photo ID. Any adult library patron may borrow a pass to enjoy an educational day of family fun!


All libraries must abide by the following partnership guidelines:

  • Library cardholders 18 and older with valid, non-expired cards in good standing may check out passes. Pass availability may be subject to residency requirements.
  • Cardholder must present a valid photo ID and printed pass before admission into the organization is allowed.
  • One pass to each venue may be reserved once every 365 days.
  • Passes CANNOT be used for any other special member events.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you cannot use the pass at the reserved time. To cancel a reservation, call your library.
  • Check open dates of venue before you reserve your pass.


The Science Center of Iowa has requested that all entrances be timed tickets. Therefore, passes and tickets the Science Center must be booked by library staff instead of patrons.