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As we start 2018, and I start my first year as Mayor, I felt it would be a good idea to communicate with everyone via our website, as well as our monthly newsletter.  I am excited about being Mayor, and excited about Granger’s opportunities to grow while keeping the sense of small-town values and community spirit that makes this town a fabulous place to live.

We started January with some personnel changes.  Our Director of Public Works, Mike Greif, retired after literally decades of serving all of you.  We are certainly thankful for all he did for the City.  In January’s council meeting, the Council and I approved the hiring of Jarrod Sturtz as our new Director of Public Works.  Jarrod has been with the city for 12 years, and is committed to continuing to serve all of you the best he can.  I know he will do great things.

We also welcomed two new City Council members, Rob Saak and John Schutt.  Both of them are eager to make a difference, and will work hard for all the citizens of this City.  Rob and John replaced Scott Smyth and Bob Herrold, who served this City faithfully for years and decades, respectfully.  Be sure to thank them for their service if you see them.

I have big ideas for Granger, and will work with the council and citizens of this City to grow business in Granger, keep improving our schools, and ensure our community has the resources needed to support its fast growing population.  I also want to improve communication between the City and its citizens.  As a result, I’m planning to have a quarterly meeting to update folks on City happenings, introduce City employees, and make sure you get to ask questions of me or any other City official as needed.  The first meeting will be at the Community Center on Wednesday, March 7, at 6pm.  Please make it a point to attend—an active citizenry makes for a great City.

I am always available to chat, listen or field questions or comments.  You can reach me at, or by cell phone at 515-473-8494.  I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make Granger even better.   Thanks!