Granger Parks and Rec Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 @7:30pm
Granger Community Center
I. General Agenda Items
a. Call to Order by Jeri Wendzel at 7:36pm
b. Roll Call – All present
i. Jeri Wendzel
ii. Erik Smith
iii. Angela Parks
iv. Ryan Castro
v. Dori Robinson
c. Approval of Agenda
i. Angela motions; Erik seconds
d. Approval of November minutes
i. Jeri motions; Erik seconds
e. Public Forum
i. None
II. Board Discussion Items
a. Director’s Report
i. Welcome Dori Robinson
1. Introductions
ii. Officer Elections
1. Secretary
a. Nominations
i. Dori
b. Votes For
i. Dori → 5
c. Winner
i. Dori
2. Vice Chair
a. Nominations
i. Angela → 2
ii. Erik → 3
b. Votes For
i. Angela → 2
ii. Erik → 3
c. Winner
i. Erik
3. Chair
a. Nominations
i. Jeri
b. Votes For
i. Jeri → 5
c. Winner
i. Jeri
iii. Programming Update
1. 1
st / 2nd grade basketball
a. Starts back up on January 9th
2. Adult Volleyball
a. Starts January 10th
3. Kindergarten Basketball
a. Starts end of February
4. Centennial Concession Stand
a. Siding and painting complete
iv. Budget FY 2021 – 2022
1. Proposed CCRA Budget
a. Erik motions to approve; Angela seconds
b. Ayes = 5; Nays = 0
2. Proposed Parks Budget
a. Angela motions to approve; Dori seconds
b. Ayes = 5; Nays = 0
b. CCRA & Parks Report
i. Community Center Rentals
1. Cancellations and a reschedule occurred at the end of November and
beginning of December
ii. Fiscal year budget spent (as of 01/01/2021)
1. Community Center = 47%
2. Parks = 36%
c. Grants Update
i. None
d. City Council Update Subjects
i. None
III. Board Action
a. None
IV. Old Business
a. None
V. New Business
a. Next Meeting – Wednesday, February 3, 2021 @ 7:30pm
VI. Adjournment @8:27pm
a. Erik motions; Angela seconds
b. All aye