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- Chapter 139 -
Naming of Streets

139.01 Naming New Streets
139.02 Changing Name of Street
139.03 Recording Street Names
139.04 Official Street Name Map
139.05 Revision of Street Name Map

139.01   NAMING NEW STREETS.  New streets shall be assigned names in accordance with the following:

1.      Extension of Existing Street.  Streets added to the City that are natural extensions of existing streets shall be assigned the name of the existing street.

2.      Ordinance.  All street names, except streets named as a part of a subdivision or platting procedure, shall be named by ordinance.

3.      Plan and Zoning Commission.  Proposed street names shall be referred to the Plan and Zoning Commission for review and recommendation.

139.02   CHANGING NAME OF STREET.  The Council may, by ordinance, change the name of a street.

139.03   RECORDING STREET NAMES.  Following official action naming or changing the name of a street, the Clerk shall file a copy thereof with the County Recorder, County Auditor and County Assessor.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 354.26)

139.04   OFFICIAL STREET NAME MAP.  Streets within the City are named as shown on the Official Street Name Map which immediately follows this chapter.

139.05   REVISION OF STREET NAME MAP.  If in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, changes are made in street names, such changes shall be entered on the Official Street Name Map promptly after the amendment has been approved by the Council with an entry on the Official Street Name Map as follows:  “On (date), by official action of the City Council, the following changes were made in the Official Street Name Map:  (brief description),” which entry shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the Clerk.  No amendment to this chapter which involves naming or changing the name of a street shall become effective until after such change and entry has been made on said map.

Note: Ordinance No. 87, adopted September 5, 1990, naming Rose Street, is not codified in this Code of Ordinances, but is specifically saved from repeal and remains in full force and effect.