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The Granger City Council met in person at the Community Center building on June 10, 2020, at 7 p.m. On May 26, 2020, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued an updated Proclamation of Disaster Emergency, which among other matters, encouraged all vulnerable Iowans to limit their activities outside of their home including the participation in gatherings of any size and any purpose. Effective June 1st, the Governor’s Proclamation allows a community gathering (such as a public meeting) of more than ten persons so long as the venue capacity is limited and social distancing of at least six feet is maintained. The Governor further suspended state laws requiring a public meeting or hearing to extend the laws that could be interpreted to prevent a governmental body from limiting the number of people present for an in-person location of the meeting, providing the governmental body provides a means for the public to participate by telephone or electronically. In compliance with the social distancing requirements for a public meeting, it was anticipated that as few as ten seats were available for the City Council meeting. Therefore, the public attendance at the meeting of the City Council was limited to the capacity of the Community Center building allowed by social distancing. As permitted by Iowa Code Section 21.8 the City Council meeting will also be conducted by electronic means. James opened the City Council meeting at 7 p.m. at the Community Center, 2200 Walnut Street, Granger, Iowa. Council members present were Backous, Bermel, Brandt, Saak, and Schutt.

Backous made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Schutt.  All Ayes.

Joseph Dauterive – Action to approve the request to close the street from the western edge of his property at 2310 Park Avenue to the eastern end of the street up to the intersection of Park Avenue and Vista View Drive (but not the intersection itself – Vista View Drive would not be obstructed) to have a block party on Saturday, July 4th from 4 p.m. to Midnight was approved by Schutt, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes. Joseph can provide cones to close off the street, but the City Council would like the City Clerk to check with Public Works to see if he can borrow our road closed signs.

Action on Ordinance No. 389 – amending the official zoning map Chapter 167 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Granger, Iowa, as amended, by adding Section 167.17 – Landing at Oxley Creek West Planned Unit Development, second reading was approved by Brandt, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes. Schutt made a motion to waive the third reading, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Action on Ordinance No. 390 – amending Chapter 92 – Water Rates of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Granger, Iowa, second reading was approved by Schutt, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes. Schutt made a motion to waive the third reading, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project – Engineer Veenstra mentioned that Eriksen Construction, Inc. has been in contact with miscellaneous subcontractors about installing different types of systems on the exterior of the building to remedy the leakage and would like one more trial run with some water testing. After that, they will be finalizing a coating/system to install and can provide that information at that time. They will also look into the ongoing roof leak in the hallway and the electrical issue with the lab refrigerator electrical outlet that gets wet when it rains and trips to the GFCI.

Police Report for 5/11/20-6/7/20 reported 2 suspicious persons, 2 suspicious vehicles, 2 harassments, 3 tall grass complaints, 3 animal calls, 1 abandoned vehicle, 2 motorist assists, 1 storm watch, 3 parking complaints, 1 911 hang-up call, 1 accident, 1 fire department assist, 1 alarm, 1 attempted burglary, 1 trespass, 1 underage alcohol gathering (citation issued), 12 citations, 5 warnings, and 5 other agency assists. Action to approve the purchase of new radar in the amount of $2,069 from Radar Road Tec was approved by Backous, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes. Action to approve the purchase of a single prisoner cage for a new vehicle in the amount of $1,049 from Iowa Emergency Vehicle Installs was approved by Saak, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes. Action to approve the purchase of two car computer systems for the vehicles in the amount of $10,670 from Mainstay Systems, Inc., was approved by Brandt, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes.

Fire Department May 2020 Report shows there were 24 EMS calls, 6 fire calls, 1 water rescue, 1 mutual aid call, and 1 other. The fire and ambulance departments are stocked on COVID-19 supplies.

Parks and Recreation Report – Jennifer Harned mentioned the CDC has put out recommendations for Parks & Recreation and does not recommend sanitizing of playground equipment. There will be signage placed at both City playgrounds. Bam Bam will not be held for 2020. Summer Recreation and Preschool Adventures will not be held for 2020. Yoga in the Park will begin on July 11th with social distancing. Movie in the Park is scheduled for July 25th (TBD). Youth Soccer will begin in July/August (TBD). Adult sand volleyball will not be held for 2020. Scratch cupcake will have a curbside visit at the Community Center parking lot on July 8th. Action to approve the purchase of replacement of Community Center window from Window World in the amount of $1,250 was approved by Brandt, seconded by Backous. All Ayes. Action to approve the playground design from Boland Recreation in the amount of $57,000 was approved by Brandt, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes. The install will be approximately 8 weeks after the order. Action on approving Shelter House rental agreement and Community Center rental agreement with the added COVID-19 waiver stating that the facilities are cleaned by the City as normal, but that the renter will be fully responsible for any additional cleaning and waives the liability of the City as to any COVID infections was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes. If the renter would like to do additional disinfecting or cleaning before their rental, they are welcome to do so. Action to approve the Ball Field usage agreement adding COVID-19 verbiage was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes. Action to approve the Community Center building open to full capacity for renting Monday through Sunday starting July 1st was approved by Brandt, seconded by Bermel. 4 Ayes, 1 Naye.

Action to accept the contract with GovPayNet allowing the use of credit and debit cards to pay for utility permit all other payments to the City either online or in-person and the ability to call a third party to pay by phone as long as the consumer pays the fee was approved by Brandt, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes.

Action on Resolution 2020-14 – amending Resolution 2015-2 to increase the credit card limit to $1,000 for Ambulance and $1,000 for Fire departments was approved by Brandt, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes.

Action on Ordinance No. 391 – amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Granger, Iowa, to add Chapter 57 – Urban Chickens, first reading was approved by Backous, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes. Backous made a motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes. The City Council decided on a $25 permit fee to have chickens and the permit will need to be renewed every three years. The City Attorney will draft up a Resolution with this fee to be approved at the July meeting.

Action to approve the first annual grant payment to Eagle One Development, LLC for the amount of $33,093.74 was approved by Schutt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes.

Not to Exceed $550,000 Water Revenue Capital Loan Notes – Resolution 2020-15 – fixing July 8, 2020, at 7 p.m. for the meeting on the proposition to authorize a Loan Agreement and the issuance of Notes to evidence the obligations of the City thereunder, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

The City Council reviewed the Auditor of State’s Report on applying agreed-upon procedures for the period July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. The detailed findings and recommendations were reviewed and it was agreed that the City Clerk would fix the deficit balances in the capital projects fund by August 1st. The year-end transfers for FY2019 were recorded five months after the end of the fiscal year. The City Clerk will be sure to make all year-end transfers the month following the fiscal year-end.

Granger Days Report – The Granger Days event was canceled at the last City Council meeting but the discussion on still having fireworks was talked about, however, the City Council has now decided not to have fireworks this year and instead look into increasing the budget for fireworks for the 2021 Granger Days event. It was confirmed by J&M Displays that the City will not be penalized for canceling their event for 2020.

Action to approve 3% hourly raise for the non-exempt employees effective for the pay period beginning June 29, 2020, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Backous. All Ayes.

Finance Committee Member, Saak reported that all information at this time was in order.  Schutt made a motion to approve the report, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Mayor appointed Backous to replace Saak as a member of the Finance Committee starting in July 2020. Saak made a motion to approve, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes.

Schutt made a motion to approve all bills for payment, seconded by Saak. All Ayes.

Mayor’s Report – The Mayor and City Council discussed the reopening of City Hall, Community Center, Park Programs, and the Library. The decision was that City Hall, Community Center, and the Library would open to the public starting on July 1st and the Park Programs open back up for August/September.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:  _________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk


 Access Systems Leasing Copier Lease + Usage $      375.07
 Access Systems Leasing Server Lease + IT Services $      625.74
 Acco Injection Valves $      234.60
 Accujet, LLC Clean and Camera Sewer Lines $ 32,426.48
 Accujet, LLC Sewer Line Lateral Launch Services $ 17,573.52
 AED Superstore Arch AED Program Management Renewal Thru 5/29/2021 $      149.99
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $      291.50
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $      272.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $      283.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $      244.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $      123.50
 American Topper & Accessories Seat Covers for the 2017 Ram Truck $      319.00
 Background Investigation Bureau Background Checks for Fire/EMS New Hires $        47.80
 Badger Meter Services for May 2020 $        39.30
 Baker Electric Mount Entryway Display and New Outlet $      565.00
 Banleaco Folder/Inserter Lease $      154.22
 Bomgaars Safety Glasses/Shorts $        88.96
 Bomgaars Fasteners $          2.00
 Bomgaars Gloves/Hand Wood Trowel/Water Wand/Annuals $      126.31
 Bomgaars Wallboard Anchors/Safety Glasses $        59.43
 Boot Barn Clothing – Mullins $      260.92
 Bound Tree Extrication Collar $        37.14
 Bound Tree CAP 5 Standard EMS Machine w/Controller & Software for 12 Months $ 10,059.99
 Bound Tree 2020 Q1 Naloxone Rebate $     (12.00)
 Bound Tree Extr Collar/Glutose/Asp/Adrenalin/Air Kit/Band-Aid/Razor/Bulb Syringe/Splint/Self-Adh Wrap/
 Mil King Kit/Gauze Pad/Ab Pads/Bite Stick/Tube Holder/Suction Tip/Prob Covers/Suction Can $      891.91
 Brown, Fagen & Rouse Legal Services for May 2020 $   2,800.00
 Burns, Brandon Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 Capital City Equipment Mower Deck Repair Parts $        67.80
 Capital City Equipment Mower Deck Repair Parts $        22.60
 Capital City Equipment Toolcat Repair $      721.13
 Capital City Equipment New Tires for Mowers $      834.36
 Capital City Equipment Mower Filters and Blades $      395.09
 Capital City Equipment Toolcat/Skid Loader Filters $      256.08
 Capital City Equipment Oil Seal $          7.58
 Capital City Equipment Oil Pan Gasket $        21.01
 Casey’s Business MasterCard Fuel $      906.70
 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc. Nitrile Gloves $      175.00
 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc. Black Trash Bags/Dial Fit Dispenser/Dial Complete $      287.60
 City State Bank 2009 Go Capital Loan Note – Community Center (paid off) $ 45,050.00
 CJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. Drug Testing for Fire/EMS New Hires $      180.00
 Collaborative Summer Lib Prog Pinwheels/Imagine Your Story Plastic Cups $        48.90
 Collaborative Summer Lib Prog Imagine Your Story Children T-shirts/Bookmarks $        37.45
 Collaborative Summer Lib Prog Imagine Your Story Reading Light/Poster/Records/Bag/Painting Sheets/Alchemist Slime $      115.10
 Collaborative Summer Lib Prog Imagine Your Story Bags $        62.50
 Cook Plumbing Co. Install Water Fountain Filter at Community Center $        92.00
 Core & Main Bell Repair Clamp $      141.39
 CR Services Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer/Clorox Disinfectant Wipes $        61.52
 Culligan Water of Adel Bottled Water + Cooler Rental $        30.55
 D & K Products Futerra F4/Sports Turf/Turf Staples $      222.85
 Dallas County EMS Tiering Services $      150.00
 Dallas County EMS Tiering Services $      150.00
 Demco Paperfold Jacket Covers $        51.89
 Demco Laminate Gloss Finish/Avery 5260 Laser Labels $      226.77
 Electric Pump Lift Station Dial Repair $      223.80
 Electric Pump Flygt Pump/Mini-CAS Panel $ 14,984.90
 Feick, Brad Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 Fire Recovery EMS May Billing $      191.44
 Fluidyne Corporation 3 Floats $      212.71
 Galls Shirts – Knouse $      113.98
 Galls Shirts – Owen $      125.54
 Galls Gloves $        16.37
 Graphic Edge Fire Department Window Decal $        50.00
 Graphic Edge Fire/EMS Clothing $   6,105.66
 Harned, Jennifer Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 Harvard Services Group Backpack Sprayer/Clorox 360 Sprayer $   2,820.56
 Hawkins Chlorine/Sodium Permanganate $   1,056.21
 Iowa League of Cities GrantFinder Subscription Thru 6/30/2021 $        50.00
 Iowa One Call 811 Emails $      108.90
 Jetco, Inc. Float Switch $        70.00
 Jetco, Inc. Influent Flowmeter Repair $      264.70
 Johnstone Supply 3 Phase Contactor $        28.27
 Kohles & Bach Yearly Service Contract on Heating & Cooling Units $      500.00
 Menards – Grimes Microwave $        59.00
 Menards – Grimes Trash Can/Silverware/Coffee Maker/Speaker/Coffee Cups/Coffee/Gran Bars/Coffee Filt/Drinks $      120.90
 Metering & Technology Solutions 1″ Irrigation Meters $   1,664.92
 Miller, Fidler & Hinke Property & Liability Insurance $ 67,396.00
 Momar, Inc. Pumps for Hand Sanitizers $      114.43
 Momar, Inc. Phenomenal Country Garden $      366.00
 Mullins, Aaron CDL Renewal License Reimbursement $        65.50
 Mullins, Aaron Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 NRPA CPRP Certification Study Material $      455.00
 Office Depot Laser Pro Paper/Shipping Tape/3 Hole Punch/Paper Clips/Laminating Pouches/Sign Holders/Ink $      238.67
 Office Depot Toner $      307.96
 Office Depot Swiffer Wetjet Cleaner/Chair $      302.33
 Office Depot Copy Paper/Ink/Toner $      117.15
 Office of Auditor of State Annual Examination Services for FY2019 $   4,878.53
 Oriental Trading Fairy Tale Stick Scene/Uni Cup Craft Kit/Medieval Stampers/Small Bubble Wand/Bookmarks $      118.89
 Oriental Trading Shaped Unicorn Horn Chalk $        27.58
 Plumb Supply Co. Vacuum Breaker for Toilets $        25.84
 Polk City Fire Department Tiering Services $      800.00
 Praxair Distribution, Inc. Oxygen $      478.36
 Quick Oil Co. Fuel $      298.99
 Racom EDACS Access/Beon Access $      494.05
 Rangemasters Ammo $   1,267.00
 Rise Vision Display Licenses Annual Plan $        54.45
 Sam’s Club Batteries/Febreeze $        29.68
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Towelettes/Solution $        75.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Akron Kit Shut/Off w/Roll Pins $        34.56
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Portable Scene Light II Return $   (470.90)
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Structural Boots $      827.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Gxtreme Coat/Pant System $   4,367.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Cone 5-Pack w/Storage Bag/SCBA Bracket/Release w/Blue Strap/Lock/Screw/Spring $      600.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Air Packs/Cyl Assy/Charging System/Battery Pack $   9,953.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC Gloves/Fast Lok Kit $      811.00
 Sandry Fire Supply, LLC True North L-2 RIT Bag/Cyl Assy/RIT Sys Gauge $   5,963.00
 Signature Signs COVID-19 Signs for Community Center & Parks $      271.89
 Signature Signs COVID-19 Signs for Playground $      310.82
 Sprayer Specialties, Inc. Teejet Spray Tips $        23.20
 Sprayer Specialties, Inc. Teejet Spray Tips $        46.40
 State Hygienic Laboratory Water Tests $        26.00
 Sweeney Contracting, LLC Water Main Repair – 1808 Walnut St. $      400.00, Inc. Media Player $      265.00
 The Reading Warehouse Books $      458.95
 Sturtz, Jarrod Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 Teledyne Instruments, Inc. Run Cap/Relay Kit/Suction Tubing $      342.38
 Tiernan’s Service Center Oil Change/Tire Replaced on Crown Vic $        80.00
 Trzeciak, Kristy Cell Phone Reimbursement $        35.00
 UPS Shipping $        57.80
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. The Landing at Oxley Creek Plat 2 $   5,102.90
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Ironwood Estates Plat 3 $        85.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Consultation on Water System Corrosion Control $      413.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Building Permit Fees for April 2020 $   5,709.60
 Verizon Ambulance Charges $      146.94
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Residential garbage reimbursement 5/1/20-5/31/20 $   8,015.40
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Container Rental/Pickup $        10.00
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Container Rental/Pickup $        86.08
 Wicker, Alice Yoga Class Registration Refund $        30.00
 Wiese, Sharon Community Center Rental Refund $        80.00
 Williams Scotsman Police Mobile Trailer Rental Fee $      338.00
 TOTAL $269,628.54
 General Fund $136,035.64
 Road Use Tax Fund $      526.49
 Local Option Sales Tax Fund $ 50,000.00
 Debt Service Fund $ 45,050.00
 Water Fund $ 11,738.65
 Sewer Fund $ 26,277.76
 TOTAL $269,628.54
 General Fund $ 42,782.96
 Road Use Tax Fund $ 11,761.65
 Employee Benefits Fund $   2,680.94
 Emergency Fund $      471.62
 Local Option Sales Tax Fund $ 16,254.88
 TIF Fund $   4,261.94
 Debt Service Fund $   8,419.63
  Water Fund $ 22,985.25
 Sewer Fund $ 46,168.57
 TOTAL $155,787.44