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Mayor James opened the City Council meeting at 7::00 p.m. at the Community Center, 2200 Walnut Street, Granger, Iowa, 50109.

Present: Backous, Bermel, Brandt, Saak, Schutt

Backous made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes.

Discussion regarding adding a stop sign or speed bump on Sycamore Street due to excessive speeding. Police Officer, Chris Knouse will work Sycamore for a while before considering anything permanent which may also include parking an electronic speed sign on the side of the street to try to slow excessive speed.

Bob Fitch – Twin Eagles Point Plat 1 – Lots 1-10, 13. In 2011 a 5-inch commercial drain tile was installed to correct the water draining along the north side of the development from Wabi Sabi Farm. Discussion on the best way to assure the tile remains functioning and is maintained long-term. City Engineer Veenstra mentioned the City can only facilitate and grant permission for the homeowners of Lots 1-10, and 13 to draft an easement with the language that states what is prohibited or allowed that will would be the best way to preserve the tile for the long-term. Veenstra mentioned he would be able to draft an easement up with the language and will forward it on to Bob Fitch so he may collect the signatures from the impacted homeowners. The easement will then need to be recorded with Polk County along with a drawing.

Water Treatment Plant Additional Filter Installation Project – Action to approve Engagement Agreement with Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. in connection with the preparation of the necessary contract proceedings for the 2020 Water Treatment Plant Additional Filter Installation Project for the amount of $1,800 was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel. Action on Resolution No. 2020-25 – ordering the construction of the Water Treatment Plant Additional Filter Installation Project, and fixing the date of November 11, 2020, at 7 p.m. for the public hearing and taking of bids, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes. City Engineer Veenstra mentioned the Construction Permit issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the phosphate blend chemical addition at the water treatment plant has been approved. And under the requirements of the Iowa DNR, the chemical feed equipment must be installed and the chemical addition be started no later than November 30, 2020.

Ironwood Estates Plat 3 – City Engineer Veenstra mentioned the clean-up list has been done and the City should take formal action to accept the public improvements and release the performance bonds. Action on Resolution 2020-27 – to formally accept public improvements and release performance bonds for Ironwood Estate Plat 3 was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes.

Police Report for 9/8/20 – 10/8/20 reported 1 harassment, 7 other agency assists, 3 fire/EMS assists, 2 animal complaints, 1 animal bite, 2 parking complaints, 1 neighbor dispute, 1 motor vehicle accident, 1 warrant arrest, 1 out-of-control person, 2 driving complaints, 7 traffic warnings, 1 suspicious vehicle complaint, 1 residential alarm, 1 vehicle unlock, 1 welfare check, and 1 disorderly conduct. Action to approve Mayor’s appointment of Chris Knouse as Police Chief at an annualized salary of $62,000 effective October 15, 2020, was approved by Brandt, seconded by Backous. All Ayes. Action to approve the hiring of Joe Cox as full-time Police Officer at the annualized salary of $56,000 effective October 15, 2020, was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes. Action to approve changing/adding new Police logos on both vehicles in the amount of $1,175 (out of L.O.S.T.) from Capital Signs, LLC, was approved by Saak, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes. Action to approve the Police Department to prepare the 2007 Crown Victoria car for sale and to list it for sale with sealed bids due back by November 6th, was approved by Backous, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Fire Department September 2020 Report shows there were a total of 37 calls. 26 of those calls were EMS calls, 1 mutual aid call, 1 motor vehicle accident, and 9 fire calls. In September they had an increased volume of sick persons. During this time there is an increased risk of flu and COVID-19 contractions. Do your best to avoid contact with people that are under the weather, wear your mask in public areas or around vulnerable members of society, and maintain 6 feet social distance as much as possible. One personnel anniversary this month is Brandon Burns with 6 years in the Department. Monthly member shoutout goes to Tabitha Miller for her continued dedication to the health and safety of this community. Tabitha has organized and coordinated the flu shot drive-thru for the City of Granger which will be held October 24th at the Granger Community Center. Please pre-register by October 19th. This strategic effort gives the community a chance to get their yearly flu shot while staying safe and continuing to follow COVID-19 precautions. Action on Resolution No. 2020-26 – approving 28E Agreement for Mutual Assistance for Dallas County Area Fire/Rescue Services effective January 1, 2021, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes. Action to appoint JT Miller as a member and Andy Stanger as an alternate member to the Polk County 911 Service Board (annual appointment), was approved by Saak, seconded by Schutt. All Ayes. Action to go back and pay individuals for holiday hours that they worked for July 4th and Labor Day, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Brandt. 3 Ayes, 1 Naye, 1 Abstain.

Public Works Department – Action to accept Public Work’s Director, Jarrod Sturtz’s resignation effective October 6, 2020, was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes. Action to authorize Mayor to sign Separation Agreement between City of Granger and Jarrod Sturtz was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes. Action to approve the appointment of Wastewater Operator, Aaron Mullins as acting Director of Public Works effective immediately, was approved by Brandt, seconded by Saak. All Ayes.

Parks and Recreation Report – The Centennial Park playground is open. The youth volleyball and flag football wrapped up on Sunday, September 11th. Beggar’s Night is scheduled for Friday, October 30th from 6 to 8 p.m. Programming for the remainder of the year is TOT basketball (indoors), basketball clinic (indoors), and youth basketball (Nov-Jan) with kindergarten starting in February. Action to hire Jessica Juhl as a part-time Parks & Recreation Supervisor with an hourly rate of $14 effective October 26, 2020, was approved by Brandt, seconded by Backous. All Ayes. Action to accept Jennifer Kopp’s resignation from the Parks & Recreation Board effective October 7, 2020, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Brandt. 4 Ayes, 1 Naye.

Action on Ordinance No. 393 – amending Code Section 41.12 – Fireworks, first reading was approved by Schutt, seconded by Backous. All Ayes. Schutt made a motion to waive the second and third readings, seconded by Backous. All Ayes.

Action to accept June Anthofer’s resignation from the Plan and Zoning Commission effective September 24, 2020, was approved by Schutt, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes.

Action to approve the appointment of Todd Shillington to Plan and Zoning Commission for the remainder of June Anthofer’s term ending December 31, 2021, was approved by Backous, seconded by Brandt. All Ayes.

Schutt made a motion to approve the contribution of $1,587 to the Dallas County Local Housing Trust Fund for FY2021, seconded by Saak.

Insurance Committee Report – Discussion on the two insurance plans offered through Wellmark for health and dental giving the employee the option to choose which plan they would like to go with. The two options are: 1) Option 1 which is an HMO plan with a $4,500 individual deductible and $6,750 out-of-pocket max deductible that the employer pays 100% of the premium; and 2) Option 2 which is also an HMO plan but with a $6,750 individual deductible and $6,750 out-of-pocket max deductible that the employer would pay 100% of their premium. Schutt made a motion to approve both insurance plans for the employee to choose, seconded by Saak. Schutt made a motion to approve the City to contribute up to $1,500 towards the employee-only HSA with the employee to match, seconded by Saak. All Ayes.

Finance Committee Member, Brandt reported that all information at this time was in order. Schutt made a motion to approve the report, seconded by Bermel. All Ayes.

Backous made a motion to approve all bills for payment, seconded by Saak. All Ayes.

Mayor’s Report – Mayor James mentioned he will email the City staff the updated COVID-19 protocols. The City Council was not interested in ownership of the retention pond for The Landing at Oxley Creek Plat 3 development. The City Clerk printed off the list of properties located north of Granger along Highway 17 and the properties south of Highway 141 along with the property’s owners’ information so that Mayor James can send letters in regards to having any interest in annexation to the City. He received word back from the owners of the Murillo building on Broadway Street. They mentioned the building has recently been painted on the outside and the windows are intact. They feel the building is safe for the citizens of Granger. They are not interested in selling the building. Mayor James would like to do a walk-through of the building along with the Fire Chief, Saak to make sure it is deemed safe. A City Council member mentioned the old meat locker has some broken windows and the place looks rundown. The Mayor will look into this and possibly contact the owner.

The meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.


Tony L. James, Mayor

Attest:  _________________________________

Kristy Trzeciak, City Clerk


 411 Safety Shop & Training Testing – BLS Healthcare Providers – Derner $                    50.00
 Access Systems IT Support $                  457.22
 Access Systems IT Support $                  457.22
 Access Systems Leasing New Copier Lease + Usage $                  482.32
 Access Systems Leasing Server Lease $                  248.52
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  253.50
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  135.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  333.50
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  375.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  105.00
 Agsource Laboratories Wastewater tests + UPS shipping charges $                  278.00
 Background Investigation Background Check for Volleyball Coaches $                    47.80
 Background Investigation Background Check for EMS New Hire – Garofalo $                    11.95
 Background Investigation Background Check for Flag Football Coaches $                  143.40
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 Pohlmeier Construction Installed Intake at Park Avenue/Rock/Adjusting Rings/Casting/Concrete/Mobilization $               9,190.00
 Pohlmeier Construction Tied 3″ Water Main Along Kennedy to 12″ Water Main Along Cedar Street $               7,755.00
 Praxair Oxygen $                  442.06
 Quick Oil Co. Fuel for Barrel $                  373.40
 Racom EDACS Access/Beon Access $                  523.35
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 State Hygienic Laboratory Water Tests $                    52.00
 State Library of Iowa FY2021 Statewide Database Package Subscription Fee $                    99.64
 Storey Kenworthy #10 Regular Envelopes $                    95.85
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 Storey Kenworthy Utility Bills $                  665.83
 Strauss Security Systems Qrtly Access Hosting Fee $                    57.00
 Sturtz, Jarrod Cell Phone Reimbursement (FINAL) $                    35.00
 Tentinger, Krystal Yoga Instructor Payment $                    75.00
 The City of West Des Moines Dallas County Local Housing Trust Fund Contribution for FY2021 $               1,587.00
 Tiernan’s Service Center Oil Change/Replaced Air Filter/Replaced Fuel Filter for 2017 5500 Ram Truck $                  346.47
 Trzeciak, Kristy Cell Phone Reimbursement $                    35.00
 UPS Shipping $                    57.80
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Ironwood Estates Plat 3 Construction Services $                  208.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Ironwood Estates Construction Services $                    51.78
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Water Treatment Plant – Additional Filter Installation $                    66.00
 Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Building Permit Fees for August 2020 $               7,466.40
 Verizon Cell Phone Charges $                  114.76
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Residential garbage reimbursement 9/1/20-9/30/20 $               8,380.40
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Container Rental/Pickup $                    37.00
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. Container Rental/Pickup $                    86.08
 Walter’s Sanitary Service, Inc. City-Wide Clean-up Day $               3,609.41
 Williams Scotsman Police Mobile Trailer Rental Fee $                  338.00
 Willis Automotive Replaced Glow Plugs on 2009 Ambulance $                  879.68
 TOTAL $           131,736.50
 General Fund $             53,367.72
 Road Use Tax Fund $               9,190.00
 Local Option Sales Tax Fund $             51,000.00
 Water Fund $             12,163.22
 Sewer Fund $               6,015.56
 TOTAL $           131,736.50
 General Fund $           125,340.74
 Road Use Tax Fund $             17,695.32
 Employee Benefits Fund $               6,540.82
 Emergency Fund $               1,610.03
 Local Option Sales Tax Fund $             19,678.66
 TIF Fund $             10,253.99
 Debt Service Fund $             30,888.77
 Water Fund $             44,192.65
 Sewer Fund $             73,237.82
 TOTAL $           329,438.80