City Council Meeting Agenda – December 8, 2021

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Granger City Council Agenda
December 8, 2021 – 7 p.m.
Community Center, 2200 Walnut Street

  1. Roll Call
  2. Consent Agenda—Approval of Agenda; Approve November 10 & November 30, 2021 Minutes; Library Report; Treasurer Report; Approve liquor license renewal for Casey’s (pending dram shop insurance)
  3. Public Forum
  4. Zach Westrum – Discussion on rezoning property north of Granger Motors, possible referral to Plan and Zoning Commission
  5. City Building Official Report -Buildings located at 1802 Elm Street, 2004 West Street, and 1806 State Street update
  6. Plan and Zoning Commission – Report
    1. Report from Plan and Zoning Commission and Engineer
    2. Action on Resolution 2021-32 – approving Site Plan and Architectural Plan for Oak Creek Storage, LLC
  7. City Engineer Report
    1. Oxley Creek Culvert Project Update
      1. Action to approve Change Order No. 3 – adjusts the plan quantities and Change Order No. 1 quantity to the actual field quantity installed for an increase of the contracted price by $7,873.36
      2. Action to approve Partial Payment Application No. 2 to Gus Construction Co, Inc. in the amount of $110,416.14
    2. Willow Street Update
    3. Water Treatment Plant Filter Installation Update
    4. Wastewater Treatment Plant Leakage Update
    5. Water Quality Initiative
  8. Landing At Oxley Creek Urban Renewal Plan
    1. Action on Resolution 2021-35 – Nunc Pro Tunc correcting scrivener’s error in the legal description for the Landing at Oxley Creek Urban Renewal Area
    2. Action on Ordinance 403-A correcting the legal description Nunc Pro Tunc for the property subject to the division of revenues under Section 403.19, Code of Iowa, for the Landing at Oxley Creek Urban Renewal Plan as adopted in Ordinance No. 403, first reading.
  9. City Administrator Report
  10. Police Report
  11. Action on Ordinance No. 405 – amending Section 70.03 of the Code of Ordinances to establish a $50 fine for violations of Section 69.10 of the Code of Ordinances relating to certain vehicles during snow removal, first reading
  12. Fire & EMS Department Report
    1. Action to approve the “elected person” for a two-year term as EMS Chief starting January 1, 2022
    2. Discussion on truck
  13. Public Works Report
  14. Parks and Recreation Report
    1. Action to approve the hiring of Parks & Recreation Director (pending acceptance of job offer) with an hourly rate and starting date to be determined
  15. Trails Report
    1. Action to approve Mayor’s appointments of Amy Thiel, Tyrone Thiel, Shaylena Bell, and Alishia Van Drimmelen to the Granger Trails Committee
  16. Action to approve the appointment by Mayor of Sara Danilson to the Parks & Recreation Board for the term ending December 31, 2022 (taking over Jeri Wendzel’s term)
  17. Action on Resolution 2021-36 – recognizing John Schutt’s four years of service on Granger City Council
  18. Report – Finance Committee – Bermel and Schutt
  19. Action to approve Mayor’s appointment Finance Committee Member to replace Schutt and Bermel
  20. Approval of Bills for Payment
  21. Budget presentation/workshop meeting dates and times
  22. Mayor’s Report
    1. GoSolar Program discussion
  23. Correspondence
  24. Adjournment